Calne Interactive

To enhance the content of the information boards and artefacts on display throughout the centre, we also have two interactive touchscreen systems.

The systems were provided to us by local businesses and show further historical information on the town in photographic, video and animation forms.

Calne Transformed is a series of photographic archives built from materials provided to the centre from a range of sources depicting scenes from the town over the past 50 years. Photographs shows the Harris factory and it's demolition in the 60's, buildings around the town which no longer exist, the development of new areas of the town and other local scenes.

Calne Miscellany is a collection of archive footage collected from television and home video sources covering royal visits to the town, the Harris bacon factory and other local content.

Growth Of Calne is a series of animated interactive maps showing how the town has grown and developed from map sources dating back to c1006 right up to the present date. Users of the system will be able to see how particular sites have formed (and disappeared) over the past 1000 years and also see how the names of areas around the town have changed or became known.

Yatesbury Slideshow is a series of photographs presented as an animated slideshow showing some of Yatesbury's history from the days of the active RAF camp to it's eventual closure and subsequent other uses of the site.

NEW... A new interactive touchscreen system is being developed which will feature virtual access to a number of historic buildings within the town. More news soon..

The touchscreen systems are also available for use by other exhibitors if required. Please contact us for further information.