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An interview with Richard Cowdy, Sculptor

Richard Cowdy at his home in Calne. Photo Credit: Dee La Vardera. Even as I walk through the garden gate, I see sculptures that I recognise. Upon walking into the old Guthrie Juvenile School which Richard shares with his wife, Helen, I am taken aback by all the wonderful art on display. As we sit with friends, Richard pours the tea and I am already feeling enriched by the paintings and sculptures that envelope me.  Richard Cowdy, most famous for the animal sculptures on public display in Calne and Chippenham, was born in London. He worked at the Morris Singer Foundry for two years after graduating in sculpture at the Camberwell School of Art.  In 1973, Richard acquired the old Guthrie School for £3,600 before spending the next two years converting the building for both domestic and work purposes. When the foundry was operational, Richard, who used the lost wax method of casting his sculptures, would only use it at night as it required all of the windows to be open to let out the large