1st August 2024 marks the 250th anniversary of oxygen being isolated in the Laboratory at Bowood House by Dr Joseph Priestley.

To mark this anniversary, a group of residents have formed a steering group for coordinate events and activities to celebrate. Proposals so far include a guided walk around Calne in the 'footsteps of Priestley’, a mural, a community quilting project, science packs for schools, a writing competition, a science activity day for children at the Pocket Park, an exhibition at the Heritage Centre, and a public lecture.

In our quest to champion the illustrious Priestley during this milestone anniversary, we have produced various documents to promote Priestley, and in the process, have appeared in various media. 

Priestley Fact Sheet
Priestley 250 Leaflet
Priestley250 Events Leaflet

In the media

Calne News: Events planned to mark 250th anniversary of Priestley's discovery of oxygen
BBC News: Mural to mark 250th anniversary of oxygen discovery

Also see the Priestley exhibition at Bowood House and Gardens throughout the 2024 open season and Friends of Joseph Priestley House museum in Pennsylvania.

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