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St. Mary's Bell Tower Project

 Posting on behalf St. Mary's Bell Tower Project: We are embarking on a project to renovate the bell tower, which includes retuning the bells before repositioning them into a new cast iron bell frame, moving and automating the clock in a newly created room, and making safety improvements to the tower. As part of our project to renovate the bell tower, two new bells have been cast, including the Platinum Jubilee bell, as seen on the poster. The existing bells will be taken out of the tower at the end of September, before being tuned and rehung in a new cast iron frame next year. The work is going to cost about £255,000 and we are currently about £20,000 short of our target. You can help us by making a donation towards our target. All donations will be gratefully received. To make a donation, use the QR code or go to Alternatively, please deliver your donation to Bell Tower Project, 30 Church Street, SN11 0HU For