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C&T Harris Fundraising

  C&T Harris Fundraising request We'd very much like to digitise the thirteen volumes that make up the C&T Harris Magazine. A magazine was published monthly between January 1927 and June 1940. When digitised, we'd be in a position to make the content available to all and to be able to provide even better quality answers to your Calne and Harris-related questions. But what insights do the magazines provide? The contents include: *Information from partners all over England, such as Dunmow, Highbridge, Chippenham (Wiltshire), Eastleigh, Leeds, Redruth, Totnes, and others *An entry in every magazine from Sir John Bodinnar, the managing director *Announcements, some including photographs, of new employees, retirements, births, marriages, and deaths. *Plus a wealth of local history information for Calne and the area, including the floods Calne experienced. Every donation, no matter its size, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!