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Bowood Allotments Leases (1876 - 1919)

One of the 191 lease documents. At Calne Heritage Centre, one of our recent projects has been scanning the 191 Bowood allotment leases in our collection and transcribing the details into a spreadsheet. That process has now been completed, with the results printed out into accessible A4 format for visitors to find their ancestors or perhaps find people who may have lived at the same home as them in the past. Some common surnames are Angell, Blackford, Bromham, Cleverly, Henly, Slade, and Wheeler. The full list of surnames is listed below. You can download the searchable PDF to discover additional details here . Potential locations of allotments.       Further research is being done to locate the allotments that were in Calne and Calne Without, as unfortunately the Bowood Estate do not know where the appotments were. For the time being, please download this PDF , if you'd like to see the research as it stands. Details will be released when available. Tenant

Book Launch: C&T Harris (Calne), An Illustrated History by Dee La Vardera

Our Trustee, Dee La Vardera, is releasing her C&T Harris book this Saturday at Calne Heritage Centre . Pop along to between 10am and 12:30pm to check out the book and meet the author. For more info: