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The Bowood Tragedy, 1898.

Bowood House Many thanks to John Osborne for dropping by and giving us an updated copy of his detailed research on the Bowood Tragedy, which includes the events, Inquest and verdict, and a photograph of the grave stone. John's research begins: " One of the most shocking tragedies that have ever been recorded in the annuals of Calne was discovered last Wednesday evening, when it was found that a man had brutally murdered his wife in Bowood Park, and afterwards committed suicide by drowning himself in a stream a few yards from where the murder took place." Please download the PDF to read this compelling story.

Demolition! The Last Days of C&T Harris

Demolition! It's been 35 years since the demolition of the Harris Factory. This exhibition shows Last Days of the C&T Harris Building in Visual Images, written history and an interactive screen. Available to view - for free - from 1 May to the 23 June during our standard open hours.